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The role of the Lesotho Customs and Excise Administration is to facilitate of cross border trade in goods as well as local manufacturing of excisable goods while ensuring that provisions of laws related to importation, exportation and manufacturing of goods are fulfilled. Its responsibilities include:

  • collection of customs and excise duties and import VAT on goods imported from outside the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) to which Lesotho belongs;

  • collection of VAT on goods imported from members of SACU;

  • enforcement of laws related to protection of the country's economic and social interests which practically translates into allowing or denying entry of goods into Lesotho;

  • enforcement of relevant laws jointly agreed with Lesotho's trading partners multilaterally and bilaterally such as the SACU Agreement, SADC Trade Protocol, General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs; specific bilateral trade agreements on preferential trade as well as unilateral arrangements under which Lesotho is beneficiary of preferential trade.

The Lesotho Customs and Excise Administration underscores the importance of facilitation for legitimate trade while the enforcement role is fulfilled without compromise. Its values cannot be seprarated from those of the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) under which it has been incorporated.

We aspire to be a leading trade and border management agency upholding integrity and professionalism.
Our mission is to facilitate trade through:

A professional workforce

* Transparent, consistent and predictable processes.
Our mandate is to enforce customs and excise controls and facilitate legitimate trade in support of economic objectives of Lesotho. We are committed to delivering in excellence and working effectively as a Team.
The Objectives of the Division are to:
* Maximize collection of revenues from all sources
Ensure compliance with local and international laws and regulations governing the importation, exportation and transit of goods and services
* Promote voluntary compliance with laws, regulations and procedures by our clients
* Facilitate international trade through assistance provided to local investors engaged in international trade and collection of trade data thereof.
Agreement on customs valuation  
Interim Economic Partnership Agreement  
SACU EFTA Agreement  
Border Clearance Guidelines  
Border Clearance Guidelines - Vehicles  
Client Guidelines Extra SACU and OSS  
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200002520-1 LETMO Services (Pty) Ltd T/A LETMO Customs Clearing Agent   P.O BOX 7889, Maseru 100 Blues Building, Opposite Lerotholi Polytechnic - Fokothi



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Border Clearance Guidelines
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